How to do attacks

How to do attacks

Attacks with dumbbells in hands or with a bar on shoulders – excellent exercise. It helps to work chetyrekhglavy and gastrocnemius muscles, the popliteal sinew forces to work strenuously, strengthens almost all muscles of a lower body. However many athletes ignore it, considering too simple and almost useless. Not truly neither the first, nor second judgment. Attacks are an exercise which efficiency depends first of all on the technical accuracy of execution.

It is required to you

- bar or dumbbells;
- platform 30-35 cm high.

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To make direct attack, get up directly. Feet together. The bar lies on trapezoid muscles around the seventh cervical vertebra. If you use for burdening of a dumbbell, hands have to be freely lowered. If work is conducted without strengthening by weight, put hands on a waist.


Take the right foot a step forward. The knee has to be bent at right angle. The left knee behind almost concerns a floor. Hold the case directly, a look before yourself. Be late in that position for two seconds and return to a starting position. At first all approaches for one foot, then for another are carried out.


The return attacks are carried out also from a direct rack. Get up directly, feet together. Take a step backwards. Thus lower the case that the right knee was bent on 90 degrees, and left has to concern a floor almost. Lower the case slowly within two seconds. Having fallen, record a position for two seconds. Make a start and return to a starting position.


To increase efficiency of attacks them it is possible to add with work on an eminence. Direct attacks begin with a step forward, the foot is put on a platform. At execution of the return attacks an initial position – a rack on a platform. The step backwards is carried out from a platform on a floor.


Requirements to equipment are identical for all of types of attacks. The knee of a forward foot should not be bent more strongly, than to a corner in 90 degrees. Otherwise load of a knee joint repeatedly increases. During the work with a weight it threatens with a serious trauma.


Control that during exercise performance the knee was not displaced to the right or to the left. For this purpose mentally draw a line through the second toe and a knee. This line has to coincide with the direction of the movement.


In operating time with the case is powerful and muscles of a press have to be strained. These muscles control all movement from beginning to end and help to keep the case motionless and direct.


Do not use too big weight for performance of attacks. It prevents a body to keep balance and breaks technology of performance. Even with an average weight attacks perfectly strengthen all muscles of a lower body.


Try to use for return to a starting position generally work of the foot remaining on a place.


Do not change position of hands in movement time. Especially it concerns work with dumbbells. Hands have to be freely lowered. Pulling up of hands with dumbbells is a serious mistake up.