Why the person hiccups

Why the person hiccups

"A hiccups, a hiccups, leave on Fedot …" - the acquaintance since the childhood plot from a hiccups. The only desire during a hiccups attack – to stop it. Why it begins and with what it is connected? Still there is no exact answer to this question, but physicians found the acceptable explanations.

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Hiccups – the involuntary short respiratory movements which cannot be controlled. The organism during a hiccups is exempted from loading from the wandering nerve. The wandering nerve connects the central nervous system to many internal. Passes closely with a gullet through a diaphragm which connects belly and chest cavities. At irritation of the wandering nerve, the organism gives a signal in a brain of the arisen inconvenience, and that in turn sends a signal to the central nervous system for activization of a diafragmalny nerve. This nerve also leads to reductions of a diaphragm.

The reasons can be a little:
- The hiccups can be a type of a nervous tic at bad passing of food on a gullet if it is not a dozhevana up to the end, from abundance of the eaten fat food for a short period or from very fast absorption of food with swallowing a large amount of air.
- As a result of surgical intervention on a backbone or digestive organs. Such type of a hiccups torments long and often, and can be also the cause of problems with respiratory organs.
- Possible reaction to use of medicines during operation. The hiccups will pass later a few time after operation.
- If the hiccups torments often and long, it can appear a sign of manifestation of inflammatory process or a tumor around a diaphragm or bodies of a digestive tract or a possible inflammation of kidneys.
- It can sometimes be reaction to a strong emotional shock, a mental or nervous tension, fear. Such manifestation comes unconsciously.
- It can be reaction to overcooling of a body. Especially often such type of a hiccups appears at small children. Simply to stop such hiccups – it is necessary to be warmed, dress warm clothes or to drink warm drink.

For removal of a hiccups the following actions can help. Be straightened, stretch up. Having deeply inhaled, hold the breath. Breathe slowly and deeply. Drink waters small drinks, without breathing.