How to talk accurately

How to talk accurately

The beautiful and accurate speech helps to inform better to the interlocutor thought, and to talk to the person at whom everything is all right with diction it is much more pleasant, than with that who speaks muffledly. Since the early childhood many parents care that their child correctly said all letters and sounds. But it is not enoughit is not enough that the speech was accurate. Influence diction also tempo of speech, how the person pronounces words, etc. If there are problems with the speech, you should not despair. There are many exercises directed on diction improvement.

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One of the easiest ways for improvement of diction is a pronunciation of tongue twisters. It is not necessary at once to try to say a tongue twister quickly. At first learn it, for this purpose pronounce slowly. Especially pay attention to compound words and sounds. After that it is possible to start the following stage. Accurately articulating lips, try to speak a tongue twister silently. Can ask for the help the friend or the loved one that he tried to read that speak on lips. Then say the text in a whisper, thus pronounce words accurately and distinctly. Having fulfilled this exercise, speak a tongue twister already loudly, but slowly. Only after that can try to say the text at different speed, in different styles, etc.


Write down the speech on a dictophone. For example, read any story. Include and listen to record. Be not frightened if the voice seems unfamiliar since at record the voice timbre is distorted. Pay attention to the speech better. Whether clearly you speak? Whether you said all letters and words accurately? Note the mistakes. For example, you noticed that swallow the terminations of words or too quickly speak. Having taken these shortcomings into account, read the story once again. Again listen to it in record. Carry out this exercise until the final result does not satisfy you. And in some months you will notice that your speech became more clear and more accurate.


Breath is important for the correct, accurate speech. There is a chest and diafragmalny type of breath. To define, what type is characteristic for you, put the right hand on a breast, and left – on a stomach. Slowly inhale if thus the left hand, breath diafragmalny is raised. Usually such people have a loud speech quite clear. If the right hand, breath chest is raised. It can get off during conversation, because of it the speech can be distorted. That to avoid it it is necessary to train a diaphragm. For example, it is possible to carry out exercise of "Solfeggio". Try to sing a note, hold it thus until breath is enough. If to do this exercise daily, will soon develop a diaphragm. It is also useful to take before conversation some deep breaths and exhalations. It will help to adjust organs of articulation, and also to remove a nervous tension.