How to print out two pages on one leaf

How to print out two pages on one leaf

Having available the standard printer and paper of the A4 format, not all users know that it is possible to print the text and a smaller format. Text editors in the majority support opportunities not only changes of a format, but also conclusion on one leaf at once some pages. Thus the printing of two pages on a leaf does not demand connection of special devices or additional programs. Well-known to users of Microsoft Word without effort will be able to carry out an objective.

It is required to you

Microsoft Word editor

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Open the document which you need to print out, in a text editor of Microsoft Word. If to you it is necessary to print out on one leaf the A4 form two pages of your document, set this arrangement in the corresponding settings of the press.


Open points of the menu of the File appendix - "The Press …" or press a combination of the keys "Ctrl" + "P". The settings window of function of a conclusion of pages of the document to the printer will be displayed.


Establish the name of the printer which you assume to use for the press in the dropping-out list. Then click in a window on the Properties button. In this mode it will be possible to establish properties of the printing of pages of the document.


In the seemed dialog box open the Arrangement tab. Establish a tag in the category "Orientation" on that element which to you is desirable for the printing of pages. Usually at placement of two pages on a leaf use an arrangement of Book paper.


In the bottom of a window in the dropping-out list of pages on a leaf choose from the list figure 2 for installation of the press of two villages on one leaf. Thus on the right to be displayed the schematical picture of how your printed leaf will look. For use of the set parameters of an arrangement of a leaf press the Ok button.


In a settings window of the printer establish as usual numbers of the pages output by the printer to a leaf. Set other parameters of the press at desire and press in a dialog box the Ok button for start of process of the press. The printer will output to you two pages on one leaf according to the established requirements.