How to prepare fruit mousse

How to prepare fruit mousse
How to prepare fruit mousse

Tasty fruit mousse will become a fine dessert or an independent dish. The word "mousse" in translation from French is meant by "foam" therefore fruit or berries are shaken up by means of a culinary nimbus or the blender. For fixing of a gentle consistence semolina or gelatin are used.

The preparation time is required 21 minutes to you For 1 portion: 50 g of the crushed fruit or fruit puree 1 a teaspoon of granulated sugar 1 tablespoon of cream 1 tablespoon of semolina 0,5 glasses of water the Sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare Fruit Mousse" How to prepare strawberry risotto How to bake meringue How to prepare a mannik



Carefully wash out fruit, remove stones and a peel. To prepare fruit mousse, you should cook the chosen fruit puree. Lower fruit in hot water and cook to softness. After that merge water from under fruit in a separate kastryulka, and wipe fruit through a sieve.


Water in which fruit cooked, bring to boiling and a vsypta semolina. Fruit mousse — a gentle, air dish, and you need to achieve ease and uniformity of all components. Remember that the semolina is quickly displaced in lumps therefore pour grain by a thin stream, constantly stirring slowly. Boil thoroughly the turned-out "cream of wheat" of minutes 15. Then add granulated sugar and again bring to boiling. Then weight needs to be set aside from fire. In certain cases for fixing use gelatin solution. As a result the dish gets bright paints and translucency.


Having cooled your fruit mousse to room temperature, we start the most important moment — creation of the most tasty fruit foam. Pour in fruit puree in the prepared weight and shake up by means of the blender to homogeneous mass. Then add cream and again shake up your fruit mousse to increase in volume twice. Let's dare to remind that skilled culinary specialists when beating dishes, place capacity with mix on cold, usually ice. Lower a pan in a bowl with cold water.


Before displaying mousse on portion ice-cream bowls, moisten from from within water. From above the dessert can be decorated with the cut fruit or berries. As a rule, for fixing of a consistence, mousse from fruit is placed for some time in the refrigerator.
Such dish very tasty and is useful as contains both vitamins, and dairy products. Fruit mousse will be suitable as an entertainment both for adults, and for small children. You will be able already to treat the kid with mousse since a year.