How to get rid of expansion of veins standing

How to get rid of expansion of veins standing

Expansion of veins standing happens because of failure of valves of veins. Outflow of blood to heart is at a loss, blood collects in a lower body. Enemies of healthy veins are the excess weight, insufficient mobility and chronic locks. To get rid of expansion of veins standing, it is necessary to watch first of all carefully over health of an organism in general.

It is required to you

- grass of susheniyets;
- lilac;
- leaves nettle two-blast furnace;
- spirit tincture on the basis of flowers of an acacia;
- tincture of fruits of a sea-buckthorn or sea-buckthorn oil;
- burdock roots;
- butter;
- aspen kidneys.

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The following methods will help to get rid of expansion of veins standing: impose on feet compresses on the basis of broth of a bodyak.


Regularly steam feet in hot water, then lay over them previously washed out fresh leaves of a bush of a lilac. Make poultices by means of fresh leaves of a lilac or of the prepared strong broth of leaves. If there are wounds standing, put on them shaving of bark of very young branches of a lilac.


Every evening prepare warm trays for feet before going to bed. For a tray use infusion of a grass of a sushenitsa.


Throughout a long period accept the infusion prepared from leaves by a nettle two-blast furnace and surely keep to a diet: do not eat meat, fish and fried.


For a rassasyvaniye of the blown-up venous knots plentifully moisten and pound feet spirit tincture on the basis of flowers of an acacia.


To cure not healing ulcers apply bandages from such means:

- Water tincture of fruits of a sea-buckthorn or sea-buckthorn oil.
- Ointment from the prepared uvarenny strong broth of a sushenitsa. Mix 1 share of broth with 4 shares of honey and butter. It is also possible to use dry powder of a grass to prepare ointment.
- Polished fresh carrots.
- Mix of the crushed fresh cabbage and egg white.


Insist within a day 40 gr fresh roots of a burdock in 100 ml of vegetable oil, and then cook 15 minutes on quiet fire. Filter the received broth. Grease with it wounds regularly.


Pound the dried-up aspen kidneys in powder (or buds of a poplar) mix powder with butter.


Put previously crushed fresh leaves of a celery or use the ointment consisting of carefully ground leaves of a celery and a small amount of creamy or vegetable oil.


Put the cut small fresh leaves of plum or previously steamed out dry plum leaves to feet.


Pound powder from hop cones with an equal share of unsalted fat.