Whether to apply coercion in education of the child?

Whether to apply coercion in education of the child?
The bringing-up value of coercion is that the child fulfills the established requirements irrespective of the desire and mood.

Coercion very strong means, and is extremely dangerous to abuse it. Achieving implementation of requirements, it is necessary to explain to the child importance of ability to submit, help to realize need of requirements which show to it and which he has to show to himself.

Coercion is effective in cases, when requirement imposed to the child, feasible. It is possible to force by means of coercion the child in time to prepare lessons, it is possible even to force to practise contrary to his will music if you see that the son or the daughter have abilities. However it is impossible to bring up coercion or, better to say, only coercion the initiative, creative person.

The effect of coercion is based on power of parental authority, on a personal example of parents. In some cases, when there is no confidence that coercion will surely yield positive result, it is better "to notice nothing". It does not mean capitulation. Having a little waited and having prepared conditions under which the child cannot but obey, it is possible to resort to coercion again.
The neglect the tactical party of business can lead to that coercion will become powerless.