How to make nails

How to make nails

Started producing nails of people from the moment of development of technology of processing of metals. Still ancient Greeks widely used the forged copper probes at construction of the ships. Today the main manufacturing techniques of nails is cold stamping, but also the ancient forge craft did not disappear – by method of forging continue to do nails for horseshoes.

It is required to you

- forge horn;
- anvil;
- forge hammer bench hammer;
- nippers;
- vice;
- cutting (chisel);
- gvozdilnya;
- bar of round section.

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Take a rod of round section about a meter long and with a diameter of 10-12 mm. Heat one its end in a horn. At distance about 50 mm from the beginning of a rod make a perezhimka in one plane. Turn a rod on 90 degrees along a longitudinal axis and execute the same perezhimka in other plane. As a result preparation section in the pressed place will turn out square, about 10х10 mm in size.

Stretch a rod from the pressed place on a square pyramid 100 mm long with the pointed top. For this purpose impose preparation on a horn of an anvil and strike some fast and strong blows, turning a rod on 90 degrees. Until the detail cooled down, straighten sides already on a flat surface of an anvil.

On edges of a pyramid beat off a chisel some notches at an angle of 45 degrees. On this cutting chop off a rod, having receded from the pressed place of 20 mm towards round part of a rod. At you the body square has to turn out nailing, having cylindrical "lug" (thickening) on the end. All done work has to be performed for one heating of preparation.

For formation of a beautiful hat nailing use the forge reception called by disembarkation. This way of processing of material is opposite to a broach, that is from thin and long preparation thus it turns out short and thick. Heat the end of preparation to a white luminescence, and then clamp cold part of a rod in a vice. In the short frequent blows struck in a preparation end face, besiege its end. Depending on the demanded volume and a form of a hat this procedure needs to be done several times.

From the thickening made by means of disembarkation by means of a hammer give to a hat the demanded form. It can be as flat, and to have a form of a bolt, a sphere and even a flower if finishing nails are necessary for you. Sometimes for convenience of production of a hat it is used gvozdilnya - a special plate with ranks of openings of the different size and section.