How to prepare macaroni in cheese sauce?

How to prepare macaroni in cheese sauce?
One of options of macaroni baked pudding and excellent opportunity to attach the remained macaroni.

That is required for preparation

200 – 250 grams of dry macaroni
50 grams of butter
50 grams of a flour
600 ml. milk
200 grams of cheese
Tablespoon of prepared mustard
Salt and black ground pepper to taste
Fresh greens of fennel or parsley (if is)


Macaroni has to be slightly half-cooked if adhere to a way of preparation which is specified on packing, cook two minutes less, than is written on a pack. Let's flow down to water from macaroni and lay out them back in a pan.
Grate cheese. In a separate kastryulka kindle oil, add a flour and stir that there were no lumps. In a minute remove from fire, pour in the small portions in milk that homogeneous mass turned out. When all milk is added, put a pan on fire, bring to boiling. Sauce will start getting denser. Add to it mustard, remove from fire, add cheese and well mix that cheese was dissolved. Pour out sauce in macaroni, stir.
Oil a form for roasting, shift macaroni with sauce and put in an oven. Bake 20 – 25 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees before formation of a ruddy crust.