How to fill in the questionnaire of a dating site

How to fill in the questionnaire of a dating site

It is possible to find the necessary goods in a world wide web and to pay it, to watch the necessary movie and even to find the second half. With it lonely people are helped by numerous dating sites. Their variety is so huge that sometimes eyes run up. By means of virtual bureaus of acquaintances it is possible to get acquainted both with the citizen of Russia, and with the foreigner, and not only for the relations, but even for joint trips or a sjem of housing. Thus the majority of the sites request a standard set of information on users. Your task - to be distinguished from millions of identical questionnaires.

It is required to you

First of all, qualitative and beautiful photos are necessary for you. Most often, exactly pictures draw attention. Besides, it is necessary to spend a quantity of time and to show sharpness and resourcefulness to create rather interesting questionnaire.

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First of all, it is necessary to understand the purpose of your acquaintance. If you want to receive only an easy petty intrigue, it is necessary to choose cheerful and interesting photos. Pictures of a seminude body or in underwear will not be suitable for serious intentions. Your interlocutors can misunderstand you. Besides, the majority of the sites delete photos of the frivolous contents.


Surely fill in information on yourself. It should not be very long. Until the end of it very few people will read up. Try not to use ordinary thoughts or someone else's quotes. Address in the text of the questionnaire to the potential partner.


It is desirable to fill in as much as possible information on own appearance. Specify your growth and whenever possible weight. The virtual interlocutor has to represent your real sizes, for most of users it has essential value. Surely set search parameters that everything who became interested in you, in vain did not spend time for correspondence.