How to learn passability of pipes

How to learn passability of pipes

Impassability of uterine tubes often arises because of inflammatory processes in sexual system or bodies of a small pelvis. This disease can be the cause of infertility, besides, it increases risk of extra-uterine pregnancy, and it is hazardous to health of the woman. If you have a suspicion on impassability of pipes, there are some options of diagnostics of existence and degree of expressiveness of a disease.

It is required to you

- to address to the gynecologist.

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Address to the gynecologist in female consultation or private clinic. Together you will be able to pick up diagnostics option suitable you on the basis of your symptoms and preferences.


The first possible way – hysteroscopy. The doctor enters into a uterus a probe with a chamber, and on the screen the condition of an internal surface of a uterus and uterine tubes is displayed. If during inspection impassability is found, the doctor can try to eliminate it by means of a probe.


One more method carries the name a gisterosalpingografiya. It is based on introduction of contrast solution to a cavity of a uterus and pipes and further radiological research. In pictures it is visible, whether passes the contrasting substance through uterine tubes. Also there is a sparing option of this technique at which instead of a X-ray use ultrasonography, but it is considered less reliable. Doctors note that after procedure of a gisterosalpingografiya the probability of pregnancy increases a little, in view of expansion of pipes.


There is also a method allowing not only to estimate existence of adhesive process in pipes, but also to investigate their external surface. It is a diagnostic laparoscopy. During this operation microtools and a probe with a chamber – laparoskopy are entered into a cavity of a small pelvis through a puncture in a stomach. Thus into the canal of a neck of a uterus usually inject color solution and observe, whether there is it through pipes in an abdominal cavity. In parallel the doctor examines a cavity of a small pelvis and estimates a condition of bodies. In the presence of solderings outside of uterine tubes carry usually out their section. The laparoscopy is carried out under the general anesthesia.