How to make a dogrose in a thermos

How to make a dogrose in a thermos
How to make a dogrose in a thermos

Invigorating, with fresh sourness, slightly sweetish and extremely useful - the dogrose made in a thermos turns out such.

The preparation time of 23 minutes is required to you dogrose berries a thermos honey sugar the Sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Make a Dogrose in a Thermos" How to make liqueur How to mold vareniki How to make tea from a dogrose



In cold winter evening it is so pleasant to drink hot broth of a dogrose. Especially, it is so useful. It is very simple to make it.
Dry berries of a dogrose should be touched and washed out at first in flowing water. Also wash up a thermos, and then melt away boiled water. Put a handful of berries of a dogrose in a thermos. There add two tablespoons of sugar. Fill in berries and sugar with boiled water, a spoon with the long handle mix that sugar did not remain only at the bottom. Twirl a cover and let's be drawn at least a couple of hours. It is even better to make a dogrose in the evening. Then in the morning you will be able to take pleasure in hot strong drink.


For fans of honey it is possible to offer such option: instead of sugar add one and a half-two tablespoons of honey to a thermos. It is better that honey was liquid, so it will easier be dissolved in infusion. If you have dense honey, it does not matter. Simply put a jar with honey in hot water, it will become softer.


At a zavarivaniye of a dogrose it is possible to add some branches of a marjoram to a thermos. Then at you the real curative tea will turn out. In general, it is possible to add any dry herbs which are pleasant to you, all of them will be perfectly combined with fresh, slightly with sourness, taste of a dogrose.