How to find character

How to find character

Sometimes it is pleasant to people to hear in the address: "strong-willed person", "strong personality", "the expressed identity". Most often young people who were not realized professionally yet want to hear it, or to people is more senior which endure crisis of middle age - that who would like to find character.

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For a start think that you mean by the phrase "find character" and for what it is necessary. If you want to become more interesting and dear for people around, it is one purpose. If you want to learn to refuse to persuasive applicants - absolutely another. If you wishIf you wish to get at work reputation of the strong-willed person - the third. And it is necessary to go to the decision from statements of the problem.

Strong-willed persons are shrouded in an aura of admiration and adoration, books about people are in power very popular, transfers about the powers that be collect huge spectator audiences. And many reflect on that, as if to become them if not the leader, then simply authoritative strong-willed person. It is necessary to tell, as the gentle person can be very significant for people around.

Remember Melanie Wilks from "Gone with the Wind". Being fragile and gentle, she built the relations as considered correct. So the respect is created not by(with) bicepses and not strong-willed posing, but internal qualities. Respect people who think, do and speak same. Not all find forces for such unity, but at least two of three points have to coincide. Respect people basic therefore formulate outlooks on life, declare them and follow them implicitly. It, of course, will force you to lose flexibility in the solution of some problems, but it already a question of statement of priorities.

If you  cannot refuse to the person, so you do not have enough confidence that you  are not obliged to all to be pleasant. As a rule, in this case you try to compensate shortage of the importance feeling of the necessity. What to do? Accustom yourself to thought that you have the right to refuse a request without explanations with motivation "I  do not want". On a question "why do not want?" repeat the initial phrase. This method is called as method of "the worn-out plate". The main thing — to believe that you have the right to want or not to want, without explaining the reasons.

To show character in professional life risky, for it sometimes raise, but survive from work more often. Therefore at work be careful and be limited to simply accurate observance of the functions and determination.