How to prepare a perch with ham in an oven?

How to prepare a perch with ham in an oven?
Perch with ham in an oven

It will be required to you:

1) a perch on 200 g - 4 pieces.
2) it is thin the cut syrovyaleny ham (better Parma) - 80 g
3) a lemon - 1-2 pieces.
4) a sage - 12 leaves
5) parsley - 1 small bunch
6) breadcrumbs - 2-3 tablespoons.
7) olive oil - 5 tablespoons.
8) salt, ground black pepper to taste

Clear fish of scales, draw, wash up, cut off the heads, cut lengthways in half, clear fish of bones. From within fish pepper, salt, scatter lemon juice, on each piece of fish put on two leaves of a sage and wrap rolls. Put rolls in a bowl.

Mix olive oil (4 tablespoons), lemon juice (2 tablespoons), salt, pepper. Pour out marinade on fish and put for 2 hours per the refrigerator. During this time once turn fish.

On a bottom of a fire-resistant form pour olive oil (1 tablespoon). Heat an oven (200 °C). Cut ham long strips 2 cm wide.

Take out from marinade fish, roll in her in crackers, wind with strips of ham and put in a form. From above on fish put the remained sage leaves, water with marinade. Bake fish of 15 minutes, on a table give with lemon slices.

Instead of a perch it is possible to take a carp, the bream or other white fish.

Bon appetit!