How to sew a lightning on trousers

How to sew a lightning on trousers

We often face such problem as breakage of a lightning on a skirt or trousers. Of course, it is possible to carry a thing with the broken lightning in a workshop, but it will take a lot of time therefore it is worth most trying to replace an old lightning, with the new. Naturally, you also should spend some time for this work, but it can be made in the evening when all other affairs are finished.

It is required to you

New lightning, sewing chalk, threads, needles, sewing machine.

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Measure length of an old lightning and buy new just the same size. It is desirable that color of a lightning coincided with a coloring of your trousers.


Unpick from trousers an old lightning by means of ordinary cuticle scissors. Do all this accurately and watch to tearing or to cut through fabric near a lightning.


Note on the face the line for a stitching by means of a piece of chalk which can easily be erased then.


Apply a new lightning to a seam so that cloves of a lightning were a little visible. It is necessary in order that when fastening a lightning fabric did not get to it. Then tack it strings of other color that you could clean them easily later.


Open a lightning and tack the second party of a fastener also to other half of trousers. Then stitch both parties of a lightning on the machine.


Lay a line on the planned line. Check that the line was equal, without gaps, and the seam did not gather.


Remove unnecessary marks with chalk and bastings threads, and also excess threads after a line. If all work is done accurately, anybody and will not notice replacement, and here if to hurry, it is possible not only to sew incorrectly a lightning, but also finally to spoil a thing. For this reason it is necessary to adhere to all rules of replacement of a lightning accurately.