How to prepare a grouper

How to prepare a grouper
How to prepare a grouper

Meat of a grouper is a good source of proteins, and also contains useful amino acid - taurine. It is useful to use it at atherosclerosis, a hypertension and for normalization of cholesterol in blood. There is a set of recipes of preparation of a grouper.

The preparation time of 23 minutes is required to you fish ragout with champagne: a grouper - 100 g; fish broth - 100 ml; champagne - 150 ml; pods of green peas - 100 g; shrimps - 100 g; butter - 100 g; honey - 1 teaspoon. A perch in batter: a grouper - 1 kg; flour; pickles - 2 pieces; mayonnaise. "Under a fur coat": potatoes - 5 pieces; a grouper - 1 kg; a cucumber - 1 piece; tomato - 1 piece; sorrel; vegetable oil - 40 g. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare a Grouper" How to cook grouper fillet How to prepare pancakes from carrots How to prepare tasty ragout



Fish ragout with champagne

Warm fish broth. Pour in champagne and put in a grouper pan. Salt and pepper to taste. Cover and cook about 5 minutes. Then pull out fish, put on a plate and put in a warm place. Uvarite broth to a half. Add cream and honey. Cut in half peas pods, boil thoroughly some minutes in slightly added some salt water. Obdayte cold water. Then lay out in broth peas, a grouper and a shrimp. Add butter.


Perch in batter

Clean and wash out under under flowing water fish. Then cut on small slices. Rub with salt, pepper and sprinkle fresh lemon juice. Mix a flour with water so that dense weight turned out. Pour vegetable oil in a pan or a deep fryer and heat it. Dip slices of a grouper in dough and throw in the boiling fat. It is necessary to fry until fish becomes covered by a golden crust. On a large grater rub cucumbers and mix with mayonnaise. Get ready fish from a pan and put on a paper towel. When oil flows down, lay out on a plate and give together with mayonnaise sauce.


"Under a fur coat"

Boil potatoes in a uniform, previously having washed it. A grouper clean, draw and carefully wash out. Then cut on pieces, roll in in a flour and to fry on vegetable oil. Peel boiled potatoes of a peel and slice. Lay on a plate in one layer, and from above put fish. Cut a cucumber and tomato with circles, lay out on a perch. Prepare sauce. Shake up in the blender a sorrel about addition from vegetable or olive oil. Water a dish with mix. Decorate with a branch of greens and a segment of a lemon.