How not to cease to please to the guy

How not to cease to please to the guy

Popular wisdom says that men "love" eyes. If you felt the first signs of cooling in your relations, do not hurry to make scandal. It is better to analyse soberly a situation and to take a number of measures, including on improvement of the appearance.

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Pay attention to the appearance. Perhaps, itself should pay attention more often: register in fitness club, visit a sunbed, the manicurist and the cosmetologist. Perhaps, your elect really so is attracted by external data of girls that he cannot simply make out in you the beauty. Opinions on beauty too there is a great variety, it is worth warning against courageous experiments with appearance, somehow: a hair of green or crimson color, and also excessive tattoos, piercing and to that similar things - men are most often conservative and are not capable to estimate your creative rush.

Reflect and try to answer yourself a question honestly: what is necessary for my young man? Undoubtedly, here both homeliness, and ability to cook a borsch, and a cooing at the family center – those simple priorities on which all girls were focused since the childhood. But whether it is necessary it is to your guy? Do not take offense if he cold looks at pies of house preparation. It is quite possible that its elements – an extreme, and food – fast food. Try to accept it as a reality subsequently not to leave.

Do not "saw" it. There is nothing worse, than the girl itching as if an importunate fly. If your guy needs to stay alone with himself and the feelings, you should not try to sort out immediately the relations and to find the reason. Give it the chance "to sit in own hole" and to restore forces.

It is best of all if you have any joint hobby: mountain skiing, driving by bicycles, trips on sports fishing or house conservation. It incredibly pulls together. There are common interests and a circle of acquaintances, and it is already not so easy to leave it.

Be not overzealous with demonstration of own intelligence. There is nothing worse, than publicly "to put in a pool" your elect, having in passing exposed him thus the ignoramus. The man's vanity is very vulnerable, and such act will be enough for serious quarrel and, perhaps, partings.

Watch yourself. Dress tastefully, meet friends – the word, find for yourself time. After all at the man, whose day for 95% consists of process of production of money, only 5% remain on communication with the girl. Respectively try to make so that meetings with you brought it only pleasure and positive emotions.