How to prepare a lasagna with gorgontsoly and onions shallot?

How to prepare a lasagna with gorgontsoly and onions shallot?
Lasagna with gorgontsoly and onions shallot


1) ready leaves of a lasagna - 200 g
2) a gorgontsola (dolce grade) - 200 g
3) ricotta (or cottage cheese cheese) - 200 g
4) ground almonds - 30 g
5) butter (+ oil for greasing of a form) - 2 tablespoons.
6) onions shallot or napiform - 3 bulbs
7) cream - 100 ml
8) nutmeg
9) ground black pepper
10) salt

How to prepare?

Peel onions shallot, cut it half rings. In a frying pan kindle butter, fry onions to a zolotistost, add 2 tablespoons of water and stew onions of 2 min.

Break a gorgontsola on slices, mix with ricotta, cream and shake up (mixer) to uniformity. In the course of beating add a little water.

Season cheese weight with a nutmeg, pepper, salt, mix with onions.

Pour the added some salt water (3 l) in a pan, will boil. In turn cook sheets of a lasagna for 3 minutes, then take out a skimmer and spread out to a towel. Warm an oven (200 °C).

Oil a fire-resistant form, put a layer of sheets of a lasagna, then - a little cheese weight and strew with almonds. Repeat so several times (the last layer - cheese and almonds). Bake a lasagna half an hour and give hot.

Instead of a gorgontsola of dolce it is possible to take a grade of piccante or cheese of Dorblu, but in this case cheese weight is not salted!

Bon appetit!