How to overcome neurosis

How to overcome neurosis

Neurosis is the mental state, boundary with norm caused by the psychological reasons. Usually it arises in connection with a difficult life situation. The people possessing nonflexible character badly adaptive in society have neurosises. To overcome neurosis – a complex challenge, to solve which most often in power only to highly skilled experts-medkam. "How to help the patient?" - this question is asked often by close people of the neurotic?

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Address to the doctor. Medicines at treatment of neurosis have no crucial importance, but they promote reduction of a depression, alarm, eliminate sleeplessness, solve problems with a digestive tract and other unpleasant symptoms. And the main way of fight against neurosis – psychotherapy.


Insist on visit of the psychotherapist. Neurosises can last till some years. During this time the person considerably changes – gets unusual for him before line – isolation, aggression or passivity. The long course of disease is caused by finding of the patient in that environment which caused neurosis and continues it to aggravate. And until the problem which became the catalyst of mental changes, is not solved or will not disappear from the patient's life – he will not recover. The psychotherapy in that case has to help the patient to learn to improve the relations with people, to realize the problems and to change the attitude towards itself and other people. Until the internal conflict of the patient with neurosis is solved – treatment will not happen.


Help the patient with neurosis. Close people also have to help it to find self-confidence. The neurotic – the person mistrustful and scared. It is very difficult to overpersuade him. Every day in his consciousness the thought that around enemies – false, perfidious and selfish people becomes stronger more and more. It is necessary to have a lot of patience to continue to communicate with sick neurosis. Other problem that the neurotic can start making such acts which can be characterized as antisocial, selfish and immoral. It occurs because he to seek to correspond to the distorted vision of the world – it seems to it that all people and arrive.


Promote change of a way of life of the patient with neurosis of the person. For treatment he, perhaps, will need to change a job, to move to other district, to change an environment. It is difficult to make it, but it is very important. Such changes will work well because from life of the neurotic the factor stimulating his illness will disappear. And sometimes it action becomes decisive in its treatment.