How to change a background for a photo

How to change a background for a photo

Replacement of a background by photos can be the interesting decision. There are many ways which allow to make it. This equipment favourably differs from the majority. First, to replace a background with a photo with its help very simply. Secondly, it allows to replace an image background completely or only its part. Thirdly, having used this equipment, it is possible to unite both backgrounds in a whole, and it, you see, gives great opportunities for creativity.

It is required to you

Tools: Adobe Photoshop 7 or above

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At first it is necessary to find a background which you want to see in the photo. If the background is found, open it, and also open the initial photo. In the majority of graphic and text editors these documents open in the File menu pressing of the Open point (Ctrl+O).


Each image will open in a separate window. The last open file (an initial photo with the person or object) will be active. Press in the Allocate menu – "Everything", and then in "Editing" – "to Copy". A photo in memory – can close it.


Insert the copied photo into the document. For this purpose in the top menu choose "Editing", and then "to Insert". It is possible to use "hotkeys" – Ctrl+V. Now the top layer with a silhouette settles down over a layer with the chosen background. If by the size of the photo do not coincide, allocate the top photo ("to Allocate" – "All") and transform it to the necessary sizes ("Editing" – "Free transformation"). As a result the top photo completely will close a photo with a background.


Choose an eraser of the average size and start erasing a background of the top layer. In process of deleting the lower layer will appear through the top. When all background in the photo from above is removed, you will see a silhouette or object on a new background.


Using this equipment, it is rather easy to replace only part of a background or to connect both backgrounds. For this purpose at first adjust parameters of the eraser tool: opacity and force of pressing has to be within 10-15%. Start erasing a background. Now the background will be removed not all at once, and gradually to become is thinner, is more transparent. If both photos have approximately identical environment background (greens, a beach and the sea, the city, etc.) it is possible to achieve very interesting results. In the same way, it is possible to connect more than two backgrounds.