How to call the girl on a Christmas-tide

How to call the girl on a Christmas-tide

More and more parents, at a name choice to the child, address to the Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar. Thereby the ancient orthodox tradition revives: to name the child in honor of the sacred.

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In Soviet period named, being guided by a system. As a result the name Lena – in honor of Lenin became one of the most popular names among girls. In a class sometimes reached six or even eight Len. As a result of girls called not by name, and by last name. The name faded into the background. Or chose names absolutely communistic, for example – Dazdraperma (long live the first of May) or the Barricade. It is unlikely the small Barricade felt comfortable when answered a question, what is her name. Calling so the girl, parents emphasized as then the ideology demanded, participation of the child in system


In dovorevolyutsionny time the child was named, being guided only by the calendar. The choice of a name was allocated for the father, and he named the baby in day of a baptism. It was considered as honor for the child and parents. Read a name according to the calendar, and the great sacrament was observed: with a name the child was given the God's defender.

Today at a name choice according to Orthodox Christians to traditions, there is more freedom – for every day in a calendar it is necessary a little sacred, and parents solve what of the offered names will name the child.


But nevertheless the child needs to choose a name according to the calendar correctly. Name sacred, whose day falls on birthday of the baby. But perhaps this day only man's names, and the girl was born. Then it is worth paying attention to names which are written down for the eighth day. In the eighth day the name narecheniye rank is made. If names of the eighth day too do not approach, it is possible to choose a name and in day of commission of sacrament of a baptism is the fortieth day after the birth.


Name the girl according to the calendar in order that sacred in which couples the child is named, preserved during all life, was the guardian angel, the heavenly defender. It is considered that sacred prays for the owner of a name before the Lord.

Proceeding their it, some believing parents name the child sacred, without looking in a calendar. They address to tradition when named the child in honor of sacred, esteemed by a family. It revives continuity and strengthens relations with ancestors.

Calling by the girl by the name sacred, parents can are sure that their daughter one will bear such name – for example, the orthodox name Natalya very seldom meets at girls. And meanwhile, Natasha – a good and harmonious Russian name.