How to restore the winchester

How to restore the winchester

The winchester is the most long-living detail of the computer. The user can change the monitor, the keyboard, a mouse, a half of the system unit, but thus to leave the winchester on a place, after all on it information is stored. But once it suddenly ceases to work.

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First of all reboot and enter the mode of a configuration of the BIOS motherboard of the computer. Come into the menu of the main settings (its name can differ depending on the producer of BIOS, but it always on the first place of the table), and see, whether there is in the list connected by IDE or SATA (depending on the interface) devices your winchester.


If it is not present in the list, switch off the computer, open a cover of the system unit and check reliability of fastening of the interface and feeding winchester cables. It is possible also to try to trade wires places with obviously serviceable device for check. If as a result of it the winchester did not appear in the list of the connected devices at the following inclusion, it can indicate malfunction of the controler of the hard drive on the motherboard or on the winchester.


Connect the winchester to other computer and check its detection of the BIOS motherboard of the computer. If the device was found - malfunction in the motherboard of your computer. If the device is also not visible - the controler installed in the winchester is faulty and you need to repair or replace it. It is best of all to make it in the service center.


If the winchester is defined the BIOS motherboard, but is not visible in the environment of an operating system, it indicates damage of the engineering information on a disk which is responsible for a marking. First of all, try to restore the winchester by means of special utilities (MHDD, Victoria). At impossibility to use these utilities (the winchester is not defined by them) visit the site of the producer of the winchester. There can be special utilities for recovery of office data ("a zero path") of your device.


If after application of special utilities it was not succeeded to restore the winchester – means, it is damaged physically and its further normal work is impossible.