How to solve a problem of the black screen

How to solve a problem of the black screen

Despite active development of various operating systems, it is hardly possible to call them universal. Even the new operating system of the Microsoft company – Windows Seven possesses essential defect. The matter is that in rare instances at installation of the Windows Seven operating system on rather old computers, there is a malfunction which received the name "black screen". Fortunately, it is solved rather simply.

It is required to you

- adjusting disk Windows.

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Start process of installation of an operating system.


At turning on of the computer press the F8 key. On the display of the monitor the window containing the list of devices will be displayed. Choose that DVD drive in which there is an adjusting disk Windows Seven, and press the Enter key.


In the first window of the setup choose menu language. Pay attention to the following nuance: the specified language will extend only on the adjusting menu, but not on an operating system.


Specify the Windows Seven version which is required to be established in the following window. Do not recommend to choose 64-digit OS if you are not sure of support of this mode by your computer or the laptop.


Adjust parameters of hard drives and their sections. If it is required to create the additional section for installation on it an operating system – execute this operation, having pressed the Control of a Disk button and having chosen the demanded parameters. Choose a local disk for the OS installation and press the Further button.


Wait for the first reset of the computer. Most likely, at this stage the mistake "the black screen" will also prove. If on the monitor display after reset it is displayed nothing, reboot, having pressed the Reset button.


After emergence of the menu containing parameters of loading of an operating system press the F8 key. It is necessary for a conclusion of additional points of this menu. Choose "Start with the Low Resolution of 640х480" option. Press the Enter key.


Installation of an operating system will proceed in the usual mode. Naturally, the display resolution will be 640х480. After completion of the OS installation, change this permission, previously having installed suitable drivers.