How to collect Rubik's cube on all flowers

How to collect Rubik's cube on all flowers

Rubik's cube – the mysterious toy puzzle familiar since the childhood to each of us. To bring together him – a difficult task not only for the child, but also for the adult. How to solve this a difficult, at first sight, problem? Let's open a secret.

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Let's give the most simple way of assembly of a cube of Rubik. Define, what side of a cube will be above. For this purpose take a puzzle in hand so that the central small square was the color chosen by you.


Following stage: collect a cross-shaped figure that the second color of any of average cubes suited on color to the central cubes of lateral sides on the top side.


Third stage: correctly expose color of angular cubes on the top side. A problem of this stage – to collect the following layer of a cube of Rubik. For this purpose it is necessary to remember that before how to start the beginning of assembly of the last layer, should be returned into place those cubes of the very first, and then second layer that were shifted during assembly.


Assembly of the last, lower, a layer is, in fact, the most difficult stage in the course of assembly. Begin best of all with installation on the places of all angular cubes so that each of three flowers corresponded color of the central cubes of those sides which adjoin to them.


And, at last, at the final stage of assembly check, whether correctly you arranged all average cubes on the lower side and if it is necessary, trade their places.