How to choose photowall-paper

How to choose photowall-paper

It became very fashionable to decorate interiors of the house and office with photowall-paper. Photowall-paper very interesting way to decorate walls. Special charm is given to this type of a decor by modern equipment: graphics clearness, saturation of color scale, the richest choice. At a right choice it is possible to change room space to unrecognizability.

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Choose color scale. Cold tone visually increase the room - green, turquoise, blue, blue. And warm colors reduce - yellow, orange, red and their shades. Pay attention that in rooms where there is not enough sunlight, wall-paper of warm colors will approach better. Consider that bright and saturated colors, and also dynamic plots, for example, with the image of the running horses or a fast streamlet, will harmoniously look in a living room whereas in a bedroom approach quieter color scale, such as aloone the standing tree, an equal smooth surface of the river, a field of camomiles more. The sure bet for any room multidimensional landscapes - when in a picture is large details and the line of the horizon.

Choose a plot. The urbanistic panorama or natural motive or maybe fairy tale characters in a nursery is your choice, but it is necessary to consider some features of the subject line. Look, whether there corresponds to style of an interior the subject of photowall-paper. Consider that panoramic photos and drawings visually expand room space. If you have a steady mentality, then you will suit photowall-paper with bright images and macroimages. The drawn images with a set of fine details as promote development of the imagination in the child are ideally suited for a nursery.

Choose the size. If in your room the minimum quantity of furniture, you suit large-format images. If in the decorated room there is a lot of furniture, then you will suit panoramic images – long, but small on height. If photowall-paper occupies part of a wall, then they have to be combined well with the general background or, on the contrary, contrast, causing effect of a picture or panel.

Select usual wall-paper together with photowall-paper - so a high probability of their harmonious combination with each other.