How to close up a toilet bowl crack

How to close up a toilet bowl crack

Modern toilet bowls are made of qualitative porcelain. Producers declare the term of their service in tens years. However any ceramics by the nature is fragile and can burst from casual blow or the wrong power influence. As a result there are cracks – large or small. But the majority of them can be closed up independently.

It is required to you

1 packings of silicone sealant, soap, the plastic pallet, alcohol or gasoline, a dry cotton napkin (fabric), solvent for silicone (if necessary)

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Block water the gate if the crack of a toilet bowl is in contact with water. Clear a seal place. To degrease a surface before sticking up, wipe it the fabric moistened with gasoline or alcohol. Carefully dry a crack which should be covered.

Among silicone sealants choose a cartridge with sanitary silicone. It is suitable for seal of a toilet bowl since possesses fungicide properties, so, is steady against a mold and fungi. Besides, similar sealant with firmness transfers influence of air, an ultraviolet and household detergents. And also sticks to ceramics and metal (it is important if the crack is located around connection of release of a toilet bowl and a pipe of the sewerage) and keeps elasticity.
Cut off edge of a nose of packing according to crack width.

Press on a mobile bottom of cylindrical capacity and squeeze out enough silicone on a break. Do not save that did not remain gaps when leveling. The squeezed-out sealant has to close all future seam and support its limits.

Moisten with water the plastic pallet. Level them silicone, having well missed the mark a crack. Wash up the pallet warm water with soap before sealant hardens.

Finally level silicone. Wet it soap solution and smooth with the soaped fingers. Strongly do not press. Or smooth a silicone surface with a wet piece of soap.
Right after seal, the first 5-10 minutes, sealant is easily formed. At this time polish a crack to smoothness and obscurity.

Clean surplus of sealant a cotton napkin, dry or moistened with gasoline.
If the hardened silicone which got out out of limits of cracks it appeared too much, remove it by means of special solvent.
Wash up hands warm water with soap. If silicone already dried, it will easily be removed from skin.