How to bake fruit cake?

How to bake fruit cake?
The pastries turn out very spicy and very fruit. It is better to bake not big cake, but small portion cupcakes or in formochka for muffins.

Necessary products for dough

200 grams of dried fruits (dried apricots, prunes, bananas, raisin, a fig, dates – that is)
100 grams of sugar
Three tablespoons of butter
250 ml. waters
A half of a glass of walnuts (chishchenny and cut by slices)
220 grams of a flour
Two teaspoons of a baking powder

Mix of spices

Cinnamon tablespoon
Half of a tablespoon of ginger
On a teaspoon of a carnation, a nutmeg and a coriander
Cardamom grains

Two teaspoons of mix from these spices are added to dough.


To cut dried fruits small slices. In a pan to pour 250 ml. waters to put dried fruits, spices and sugar, to bring to boiling and on small fire to cook five minutes. To add butter, to mix and cool to room temperature.

Flour to sift, mix with a baking powder. To add the cooled-down dried fruits to a flour, it is good to mix, add the walnuts cut by small slices. To knead dough a spoon. Baking cups or for muffins to oil, fill approximately on a half of volume. To bake in the oven of 15 - 20 minutes warmed to 180 degrees. To ready cakes to allow to cool down, take out a little from formochek and to cool on a lattice.