How to write the program on the computer

How to write the program on the computer

If you decided to write the computer program, at first once again think, whether precisely you want to be engaged in programming? After all to write the program business rather labor-consuming, and only at first sight it seems simple. But, if you finally were solved on writing of the program, here some councils on this subject.

It is required to you

For this purpose you will need knowledge of elements of programming.

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Solve to that the program which you are going to write, what problems will be devoted it will solve. It depends only on your imagination and flavoring addictions. And, perhaps, you faced that for the solution of your problem you did not find in the Internet of the convenient program and therefore decided to write the. At this stage exactly to represent the main thing, on what audience it will be calculated.


Be defined - at what operating system it will work. Among our compatriots the Windows operating system enjoys the most wide popularity. So if you will write the program counting on our audience, it is most correct to stop the choice on it.


Choose means of programming. For an application creation under Windows the biggest distribution was gained by programming languages: MS Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, Borland C ++ Builder. These languages allow to make the program for the principle of the meccano – from ready parts you collect a whole.


Find the highlight, than your program will differ from other programs of this direction.


Develop the program interface. If this your first appendix stop on the standard Windows-interface. Use the designer of a form and the inspector of objects. They will help you not only to understand what will be the interface of your program at a programming stage, but also to set properties of objects that considerably will simplify all process.


Issue your author's ideas in algorithm. If your program rather serious also works with own type of files – register it behind the program. Registration can be carried out by the special file installer, and surely has to have possibility of a call a full name of the file.


Write the file of the help. For this purpose it is possible to use the special compiler. The compiler is delivered with any environment of visual programming (Delphi, Visual Basic, Visual C ++) to hc.exe.


Create a program distribution kit. The distribution kit is an archival copy of your program with additional opportunities. During a razarkhivation the user specifies the folder where the program will be installed, the installation type, etc. can. The readme.txt file in which there is information on the name and the version of the program, date of its release, the short description is traditionally put to a distribution kit. The program is written