How to update a tracker

How to update a tracker

Torrents serve the file exchange purposes between Internet users. The file transfer is carried out by means of the special program which distributes information from one computer on others when downloading specially created a torrent file.

It is required to you

- program µTorrent.

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See the version of your software µTorrent. It is necessary as certain differences in sequence of the actions connected with change of the interface can take place. Updating of a tracker is carried out in cases when you, for example, want to make verification of the downloaded files, mistakes, process of downloading as a percentage and so on. Also it is actual for the distributions loaded by you or already loaded which list of files gradually is replenished with other files.

Before updating of a torrent be also convinced that you did not remove the necessary distribution from the list in the program - in this case there will be simply nothing to update. It is rather widespread mistake among users µTorrent. For the same reason do not delete the loaded trackers from the list in case additional charge of updatings is required further. Also this function serves for restoration of communication with the server for the distributions marked in the red color.

In case you established one of old versions of the software, simply open the main window of the program and find distribution which want to update, right-click on it and select the Update a Torrent item. After that wait certain time until communication with the server is reestablished.

If you use alternative programs loaders or new versions a torrent client µTorrent, attentively study the program interface on existence of similar function which has to be present practically at each loader. Do not confuse this function to updating of the software.

At emergence of any problems in work of the program of a torrent first of all update a tracker. If it did not help, contact the organizer of distribution for clarification of the reasons.