How to establish a wall gas copper

How to establish a wall gas copper

If you decided to establish a gas copper in the house, it is necessary to listen to councils of professionals to avoid possible problems or unpleasant situations. At first it is necessary to understand independently in this case and to calculate each step of actions.

It is required to you

- Gas copper;
- exit to a water pipe;
- replacement tools.

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Define, in what place the gas copper will settle down. It is possible to stop in kitchen or even a bathroom. For bigger safety installation of a flue will become useful. Think at once where its way out will be found. If in the house already there is a flue from a fireplace or other copper, establish an extract from a copper directly in it better.


Establish a copper vertically to a wall and be convinced that will conveniently connect it to automatic equipment. Define a place for fastening and drill some openings in a wall. Further install the special expansion bolt shields which are included in the package with a copper. Fasten a copper to a wall self-tapping screws.


Bring gas. Connect a tee to a gas pipe and fasten to it the crane. Attach clip-on earrings a pipe from a copper to a tee to a wall. Clip-on earrings are recommended to be established through meter. By means of a laid on nut and a fitting connect a pipe to a copper.


Execute connection of a gas copper after preliminary overlapping of water supply. Put a tee in each pipeline. Along a wall clip-on earrings put pipes to a copper. Between a copper and a water pipe install the filter, fix a fitting and a cap nut and connect.