How to connect a telephone cable

How to connect a telephone cable

Need for merging of a telephone cable arises at its break (for example, during apartment renovation) and also in case the telephone socket is rearranged in other place, and the cable needs to be extended. To be able to carry out this operation each house master has to.

It is required to you

- nippers;
- rubber gloves;
- insulating tape.

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Pick up the phone on that parallel phone which despite break of a cable remained connected to a network. It will prevent blow tension of a calling signal which can appear on the line in case of receipt of the entering call. If you have only one device, or break happened in such place that all phones in the apartment were switched-off, it is necessary to work in rubber gloves.


Find a place of damage of a cable. If visually it is impossible to find it, use the contactless inductive hunter of damages. This device can be borrowed for a while at the operator. In the absence of such opportunity a cable piece, which place of break it is not known, more simply and quicker to replace entirely.


For merging of a two-wire flat cable of an old design from each of the parties double "noodles" lengthways nippers so that the line of a section went precisely in the middle. Accurately smooth out the ends. Remember that isolation at "noodles" is made not of PVC, and of polyethylene therefore when cleaning precisely calculate effort to remove only isolation, without having injured thus a vein.


Connect one of wires of one end of a cable to any of wires of other end. Polarity observance thus is optional. Make the same and with the remained combination of wires. Carefully isolate places of connections from each other. Then be convinced that those telephone sets which after break ceased to work, again started working.


Telephone cables of a new design have an external cover in which are laid in one row two or four multicore the conductor, each of which has own color isolation. The external cover easily is removed almost without risk of damage of isolation of conductors.


If a cable two-wire, an order of its merging same, as for "noodles". A four-wire cable which meets considerably more often, repair as follows: among do not connect extreme wires anywhere and do not even smooth out as they are not involved, and the wires which are in the middle, splice in the way described above.


If the special telephone set calculated on work along with two lines (they meet, though it is rare, at offices) is connected to the line, extreme wires can be involved also. Splice such line, simply connecting among themselves conductors of the same color.


Having finished work and having convinced that all phones are again connected to the line, hang up on that device from which you removed it before work.