How to define a kibla without compass

How to define a kibla without compass

During a prayer the correct position of the Muslim is important. He has to see off, having faced in the direction of a kibla, that is the cities of Mecca. But how to be in that situation if the exact direction in which there is Mecca, is not known, and the compass at itself is not present? Alternative methods of definition of the direction will help with this situation.

It is required to you

- computer;
- Internet access;
- map.

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Determine the direction of a kibla by a mosque. In this building there is a niche called the mikhraby. From it the imam carries out a prayer. According to religious rules, a mosque stroilast so that the person turned to this niche would pray towards a kibla.

If nearby there is no mosque, use definition of a kibla from the point of view of geography. Take the card, find on it the city and Mecca (it is in the territory of modern Saudi Arabia). Define, in what geographical direction there is Mecca from you. Then you will need to find the necessary part of the world. Use for this purpose natural methods. At midday if you get up to the sun the left side, you will look the person at the South, a back - at the North, and the right side - at the West. At night be guided on stars. With the northern hemisphere you will be helped by the Pole star. It is in a tail of the constellation called by Small Medveditsa, and having a ladle form. The pole star always indicates the North.

Ask about the direction of a kibla the local Muslim who is credible. In this case, even if he will be mistaken, it will not be considered as violation of a religious canon.

Use for definition of the direction to one of the Internet sites, for example, you can be helped by such Internet resource - by http://www on it the city, and you will be able to see, in what direction it is necessary to create a prayer.

If, despite these recommendations, all of you still doubt the direction, make a prayer not once, and four - on all parts of the world. In this case you can hope that did not break a religious canon.