How to enter the computer with the password

How to enter the computer with the password

Sometimes there is a need to come into the computer on which the password is established. The password is established for prevention of unauthorized access to system. For the person who does not have experience in the solution of similar problems morally worst of all to lose the password to the computer. To enter the computer with the established password, it is necessary to do certain operations.

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Before making any actions with circumvention of the password on an operating system, check, whether it is established. Often the system starts requesting simply the password though actually nobody established it. To check, simply press "ENTER". If you get to system, no password is present.


If after all the password is, it is necessary to come into the computer with the rights of the administrator as the administrative password on often is not established. On the computer many accounts can be created, and on everyone the access rights to system, and also passwords are established.


To use the administrative rights, when loading system press the F8 key. Happens that the system works not at once on this team as the key needs to be pressed in a certain period. Try until there is an interface for an account choice.


After that there will be a window in which it is necessary to enter login and the password. In the field, where it is necessary to specify login, write "Administrator", and do not specify the password. That is the field "Password" has to be completely empty, not containing any symbols.


Press the Enter button. The system will be loaded, and before you there will be a computer desktop. Further it is necessary to clean all passwords from system which can be requested when loading an operating system. Nazhimite "Start-up", select the Control panel item. That it was convenient to work, press the "Switching to a Classical Look" tab. Find the "accounts of users" tab.


Choose the user necessary to you, and disconnect input of the password at an entrance to an operating system of the computer. Also you can simply change the password, remove the account, or completely change an entrance of users, that is establish other rights.