How to learn the fruit size

How to learn the fruit size

Determination of the size of a fruit during pregnancy – the necessary procedure which is carried out by the gynecologist. It becomes to estimate possibilities of participation of the child in the course of directly patrimonial activity.

It is required to you

- consultation of the gynecologist;
- Ultrasonography of a fruit

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Address to the gynecologist. It will measure your stomach, beginning from a pubic bone and finishing with the top part of a uterus. The received value is called the fundalny size. In such a way it will be possible to define quite precisely what child - large or very small. Obstetricians, determining the fruit size (in norm, large, malovesny) use some formulas, on one of which stomach circle (in cm) it is multiplied by uterus height (in cm).

Besides, after you will get registered in female consultation, your doctor it will be obligatory to check a condition of a placenta on which it will also be possible to judge the fruit size. Because of the wrong activity of the placentary device the hypoxia that leads to the slowed-down development and growth of a fruit can develop and demands medical intervention.

Pass ultrasonic research of a fruit, it determines the child's size much more precisely. Scientists of one hundred times were carried out by ultrasonography at different stages of pregnancy as which purpose acted: determination of the size of a fruit and calculation of the presumable average size of the child on every week of pregnancy. The schedules of average weight received as a result of measurements are considered as "the gold standard" according to which the small child or large is defined.

Consider a genetic factor. Usually, growth of the boy is caused by growth of the father or close relatives (uncles, grandfathers), growth of mother and the close relatives on the maternal line has impact on growth of the girl.

Take into account and that growth and the size of a fruit – not absolutely alone and the same. It is possible to determine the child's size after one ultrasonic research. The doctor will examine a fruit, will perform the corresponding measurements and will compare their result to average values. To establish as the child grows, it is necessary to make ultrasonic research, at least, two times, with an interval not to exchange of two-three weeks.