How to track the mobile phone

How to track the mobile phone

At the moment time information technologies reached such high level that it is possible to trace the person by the mobile phone. Often such technologies are used in law enforcement agencies. Many users also have questions which are connected with determination of location of the mobile phone.

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The Google corporation issued the program which allows owners of mobile phones and other devices of a wireless communication to send in the automatic mode the coordinates to friends and relatives.


The aaplet is called as Google Latitude. It allows people in 27 countries in the automatic mode to report about the location. Also this program can switch-off the transferred device at any time. Coordinates of the subscriber can be determined at once on the display of the mobile device in the Google map program, or using any personal computer.


However in the company also considered that fact that the owner of phone has to control this option completely. It will be able to connect certain people who will be able to learn its location. Also the program will be updated completely that hackers could not steal a programmable code.


It is also possible to use services of mobile network operator. Today such operators as "MegaFon", "Beeline" and "MTS" provide service which defines location of the subscriber. In general it is possible to tell that to define the subscriber, or location of a certain phone not difficultly, however well not to each person.