How to make the most board game

How to make the most board game

To play board games, it is not necessary to go to shop behind expensive toys at all. You can make fascinating adventure game for children and. In such game everything will be as in the real world – the rough sea, islands with treasures, a fair wind and, of course, the ships.

It is required to you

Plastic tray of 2-3 cm in depth; multi-colored plasticine; matches; adhesive tape; polyfoam; scissors; knife

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Make a game field of a plastic tray of the suitable sizes. To create feeling of sea open spaces, the bottom can be laid out a thin layer of blue plasticine. If you decide to paint a tray with blue paint, it too will approach, but in that case you will not be able to use a tray directly any more.


Make seven islands of a horseshoe form of plasticine of one color. The island has to have in the diameter about 7 cm, and height has to exceed tray depth a little. (Distance between the ends of a horseshoe) make an entrance to an island bay not less than 3 cm wide.


Locate the made islands on a tray according to in advance prepared scheme. Wide passages will well decorate plasticine rocks. The main thing that approaches to bays were free. The minimum distances between elements of a game field have to make not less than 3 cm. With a length of ship of 2,5 cm it will be easy for captains to overcome such passages.


At desire place on islands of the mountain, trees, lodges, pier. All these and other decorative elements can be made of multi-colored plasticine also. Ask future players to show independently the imagination and to decorate islands. Kids willingly will take part in arrangement of the game world.


As counters self-made ships will serve in game. Cut out from a piece of polyfoam ships 2,5 cm long and 1,5 cm wide. Height of the ship will make 0,5 cm. Such ships will move very quickly on a game field and easily cope. You need four such small boats.


Cut out four sails of a square form of 2х2 cm in size from color paper. The recommended colors – green, yellow, red and blue. Make masts of matches or toothpicks; mast length – 2 cm. Get a sail on a mast and accurately thrust it in the middle of the deck of a ship.


To note starting ports and islands which will be visited by travelers, make tags. For this purpose color paper and matches is required. Color of a sail of each player will correspond to color of a sail.


Bring together two-four players and start actually game. A task of each participant – to visit six ports and as soon as possible to return from travel to native port. Determine sequence of the course by a lot. Players establish the ships in free ports where set a flag of the color. In each port there can be only one small boat.


To make the course, the player pouts through put by a tubule, sending a current of air to a sail of the ship. Operating the ship, the player seeks to bring the vessel to each of free ports. The player who will be able to set the flag on all islands wins and the first to return to the native port.