How to create an interior, according to the Zodiac?

How to create an interior, according to the Zodiac?
Reflecting on a situation in the native dwelling, it is worth taking councils of astrologers into account. After all each zodiac sign has own ideas of a cosiness and beauty, according to the color addictions and temperament.
How to create an interior, according to the Zodiac that everything it was comfortable?
The aries as sign of energy and force, selects all cheerful and vital. And shades light: bluish, greenish, yellowish, pale orange. A parquet, glass, classical easy furniture, curtains in the form of magnificent folds. A favourite place - near a door, equipped with exercise machines to dump surplus of energy.
Taurus - the adherent romanticism with prevalence of a country in an interior and a combination of pastel tones though is able to afford also unusual combinations as olive with the violet. In favourites - a bedroom with a magnificent bed.
Twins as changeable persons, welcome "mobile", easily changeable situation. On the first place ultramodern, mobile furniture. Though to liking to them and exotic with classics. Prefer something exotic in a situation though with age they spill out love to classics. They like the places connected with obtaining information - book shelves, phone, the computer.
The cancer, sociable and at the same time romantic, loves a privacy in an unapproachable corner shelter. Prefers constrained tone: azure, terracotta, the transparent, streaming draperies. As an outlet - the storeroom with stocks.
The lion loves a worship and admiration. Its interior has to blind luxury of the most expensive or originality, meeting of rarities. A color palette - deep and noble, a Bordeaux, blue, brown. As the favourite town, can become a drawing room, but fiery orange.
Maidens, practical and resolute, possess good taste, giving preference to straight lines, geometrical accurate drawings. Everywhere harmony - in shades, in minimalist, but very functional design. Have a rest soul in kitchen.
Scales, really, balanced people, therefore an interior at them quiet and cozy, without extremes. Coffee shades with milk, light lilac, gray, pinkish prevail. A sincere shelter - own provided telephone connection office.
Scorpion - extremely imperious sign and vigorous. Domination saturated red and black, at least in accessories demands. Connection of classics with exotic notes allows. A favorable place - the toilet room but that water especially did not rustle.
The Sagittarius is whimsical and changeable. The fan of mobile furniture, any chairs and little tables on wheels. Its colors - yellow, cream, pale green or bluish. The comfort is tested in an environment of things from other countries - a bamboo screen, a carpet Persian, the Chinese and Japanese vases, swords and fans.
Goat, the conservative in everything. Classical style everywhere though easily goes for shifts. The black-and-white palette with some accent, crimson or green, blue is ideal for it. The goat as the workaholic, adores the workplace at a table or in a workshop.
Aquarius adherent of vanguard, for example, "hi-tech". The boredom and dullness, monotony is impossible to it. Also he loves eclecticism, freakish forms, unexpected combinations: violet with orange or "khaki", blue with an ivory. A favourite place - a window.
Fishes as very romantic, surround themselves with motives of the mystical East. Though can get ruches with bows of style of a country. It is pleasant to them to combine among themselves functional furniture of pastel tones and various souvenirs. A bathroom as the room connected with water, their zone of comfort.