Where and how pumpkin oil is made?

Where and how pumpkin oil is made?
It is curious that in the Middle Ages pumpkin oil was already appreciated, and the price for its small small bottle was equal to the price of expensive Golden Ring. For today good pumpkin oil costs a little cheaper, but, nevertheless, it and now remains to one of the most expensive and qualitative oils.

The similar price policy for pumpkin oil is connected with that it is very difficult to extract it and therefore production happens almost completely in the manual mode. According to judges and experts, the best pumpkin oil meets only in Shtiriya who is the federal Austrian land, one of nine lands. In Shtiriya grow up a special grade – shtiriysky oil pumpkin at which sunflower seeds from above do not become covered by a peel. Actually, just from such sunflower seeds of pumpkins unique pumpkin oil which cannot be compared with any another on aroma at which there are nut notes also turns out.

Pumpkin oil perfectly is suitable for various marinades, for the sauces used together with paste and for salad gas stations. Taste oil so magnificent that has enough to add of it to a dish of all in number of a couple of drops and it will be quite enough.

To receive one liter of oil from sunflower seeds of pumpkin it is necessary to spend about two and a half kilograms of pumpkin sunflower seeds that equally in about thirty pumpkins. By the way, sunflower seeds of pumpkin is the only raw materials which are necessary for maslodela – all pumpkin pulp remains in the field where turns into fertilizer. Before a press pumpkin sunflower seeds wash out, clean and dry then send to a crunching, and the pumpkin flour which turned out after a crunching fry. Constantly stirring slowly.

By the way, none of maslodel will never tell temperature of roasting and time of frying of a pumpkin flour as it is the most strict secretly productions, after all future taste of pumpkin oil also depends on these factors. After the pumpkin flour was fried, in it pour a small amount of water, stir, warm up a little and squeeze out dark green oil.