How to refuse ultrasonography

How to refuse ultrasonography

Ultrasonography is the absolutely safe type of medical research allowing to define an exact arrangement of bodies, pathological changes, shift, foreign particulates. To refuse any inspection, including ultrasonic diagnostics, it is possible on the basis of article No. 8 of the Federal law "About the rights of patients".

It is required to you

- written refusal.

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If the doctor wrote out to you the direction on ultrasonography, so it is necessary to conduct research of an internal or to define fruit pathology at pregnancy. On the basis of results of the carried-out diagnostics the doctor makes the exact diagnosis and appoints necessary inspection.

According to the law "About the Rights of Patients", you have the right to solve independently, whether carrying out any kind of medical examination, treatment and manipulations therefore if you do not want to pass ultrasonic diagnostics is necessary, have full authority to refuse it. For this purpose in writing notify the doctor that you refuse carrying out diagnostics and all responsibility for the consequences caused by out of time appointed treatment because of impossibility to make the exact diagnosis, assign to yourself.

The doctor has no right to interfere with you, but thus is obliged to explain in detail that inspection is absolutely safe for your health, will help to make the correct diagnosis on the basis of which treatment will be appointed. Also the doctor is obliged to tell about consequences of the examination which is not conducted in due time. If it did not convince you, and you still intend to refuse, this your right.

Refusal in carrying out medical examination to minor citizens is written by parents, trustees or lawful representatives as they bear full responsibility for the child, including for a state of his health.

Irrespective of, the adult patient or parents, trustees or lawful representatives of the minor citizen if the state of health threatens the patient's life, the doctor the compulsory examination having the right to conduct on the basis of the resolution of court, hospitalization and to appoint treatment or surgery refused ultrasonic diagnostics.