How to play battlefield

How to play battlefield

Battlefield – the most popular tactical shooter from the third party which next version is expected in 2011 (the first game appeared in 2002). Having begun with events of 1942, game then moved to Vietnam, in the field of fight of modern wars and at last predlzhit to gamers to participate in wars of the future (version 2042).

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To play battlefield on a network, there are some ways.

Game on Tunngle:

Tunngle is a revolutionary decision for the creation of the VPN networks of topology of peer to peer created especially for application in online entertainments.

Load the client of Tunngle from the official site of http://www the client, following instructions of the master of installation. To start the client of Tunngle to be registered in the Tunngle network. Registration comes easy, it is necessary to choose a nickname and to set the password. Enter the Battlefield network (for this purpose at the left in a window of "network" to choose shooter, then to enter the Battlefield 2 network) Enter game. Now you can join one of the existing sessions or create own session and wait for joining of players to it.

Game on EasyVPN or Hamachi:

Load the client of EasyVPN from the site http://easy-vpn respectively the client of Hamachi from the site Be convinced that your game has the version not lower than 1.5. If necessary load and establish necessary patches. Establish the loaded client and join the chosen network Agree who will carry out a server role. This player will need to start BF2ServerLauncher.exe (is in the folder of game), to create a new configuration (the button with a badge + in the lower part of a window) and to choose from the IP list of the server (other settings — to the discretion of the player). Having convinced that the server is started, enter game and join it. To join the existing server, start game and pass to the multiplayerJoin Local tab. It is possible to play battlefield on a network.

Problems with Internet game can arise first of all because of settings of a firewall. As a rule, ports which the game client tries to use, in a firewall are closed by default. In order that connection became possible, they should be opened, having changed settings of this protective system.