How to get a cadastral number of the land plot

How to get a cadastral number of the land plot

Data on each real estate object in the territory of the Russian Federation are entered in the State Immovable Property Cadastre (SIPC). Number is appropriated to each object, not repeating in time and in all territory of the Russian Federation, state registration, or cadastral. Bodies of the cadastral account assign cadastral numbers. Cadastral numbers have all land plots irrespective of, owners know about it them, or not.

It is required to you

The passport, or the document its replacing, title document, Internet access.

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The land plot has no cadastral number only if it is not necessary on the account in cadastral chamber. So that to get a cadastral number, you should put the site on the cadastral account. Prepare the title document. It can be the certificate on allocation to you a site on the right of a private property, the decision on granting a site to you on the right of rent, an extract from the pokhozyaystvenny book which to you will be issued in local administration. If similar you do not have anything, it is necessary to look for the relevant documents in archive.

Now the validity so-called "country amnesty" (the simplified registration of the land plot) till 2015 is extended. Therefore any document confirming your right for the land plot has to be accepted for its statement on the state cadastral account. Make the copy of your title document. On the Portal of the state services in the section "Real estate" learn the address and working hours of cadastral chamber.


Statement on the cadastral accounting of the land plot is carried out free of charge. Moreover, if you the busy person to deal with this issue can ask any of the relatives. Thus your passport data are not necessary. The applicant has to come to cadastral chamber with the document proving the identity. Implementation of statement of the land plot on the cadastral account does not require the power of attorney.


By means of the specialist of cadastral chamber fill in the application form for statement of the land plot for the cadastral account. Receive the receipt that you left the relevant documents and wrote the application. It should be kept until obtaining the cadastral passport of the land plot by you.


20 working days later from the moment of filing of application can come and receive the cadastral passport in which cadastral number of the land plot registered by you will be specified.