How to learn to fill up quickly

How to learn to fill up quickly

The person carries out a third of life in a dream. The dream is necessary for restoration of an organism for new affairs. If it is impossible to fall asleep or quality of a dream bad, with frequent awakenings, the whole next day is felt weight and weakness in all body. Well to fill up and to sleep tight, it is necessary to follow certain rules.

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First, bedding for a dream has to be convenient and comfortable to you. To choose a blanket, pillows and a mattress it is necessary very carefully and responsibly. If there are any problems with cervical department of a backbone or with a backbone in general, it is necessary to get an orthopedic pillow and a rigid mattress. Choose a blanket on the requirements. They are on sale the various sizes, from different producers, with various fillers.


Secondly, it is necessary to observe a certain ritual before going to bed. Very well 30-minute walk in the fresh air, the cool flavored bathtub helps to fall asleep. Clean teeth, read the book, generally, occupations have to be quiet and measured. The main thing what it is necessary to carry out them daily for a certain period to a dream.


The bedroom before going to bed needs to be aired well, and it is even better to sleep with an open window leaf.


In the best way is promoted fast falling asleep and a good dream by a high security of day when the person lays down and rises at the same time.


Smoking, alcohol, hot dishes, kofeinsoderzhashchy drinks is negatively reflected in falling asleep. The last glass of coffee can be drunk no later than 15 hours. The dinner has to be a lung.


Well the glass of milk or kefir helps to fall asleep with honey drunk in 30 minutes prior to a dream or a glass of warm water with honey if dairy products are contraindicated.


If, having executed all actions, all of you equally have problems with falling asleep, it is possible to accept some days infusion of a valerian, pustyrnik, a marjoram, peppermint or soothing collecting.


Often the people having a sleep disorder have some problems with health, to overcome which by house methods it will not be possible. Therefore if problems with falling asleep or quality of a dream are present more than 10 days, it is necessary to address to the expert for clarification of the reason. After inspection of all bodies the doctor will appoint treatment which will help to overcome difficulties with falling asleep.