Than the movement ours is engaged

Than the movement ours is engaged

The first mention of the youth movement "Our" created at the initiative of Presidential Administration in 2005 already carried a negative shade. Article in the "Kommersant" newspaper was called "Ordinary "Nashizm" by analogy with the known movie "Ordinary Fascism". This movement arose not on the empty soil and was reorganized from other pro-Kremlin youth movement "Going Together" which by then was already rather discrediting itself numerous provocations and humiliation of opponents.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "Than the Movement "Our" Is Engaged" How to get on the youth forum "Seliger" As will pass "Seliger 2012" How to be registered on Seliger-2012 "Going together" Vasily Yakimenko – the person with doubtful reputation using very disputable methods of political struggle, promotion and public relations headed. After Yakimenko's rebranding headed the movement "Our" till 2007 then it was appointed the head of Rosmolodezh. The new movement was created in a difficult foreign policy situation – in 2005 there was an expansion of NATO on the East, and the closest neighbors of Russia – Georgia and Ukraine in which there were so-called "color" revolutions joined this alliance.

The state had no other exit how to distract youth from revolutionary moods, to organize it and to send energy of this very radical layer of society to the course necessary to the authorities. The presidentns deputy chief of staff Vladislav Surkov that became the testimony of importance of the tasks set for the movement met several tens young people appointed "commissioners" of the movement "Our".

But this movement did not become the present "youth" in a broad sense this word. In its ranks seldom it was possible to meet serious, adult and responsible people. If they were, is those who used "ours" as a launch pad for further political career as, for example, the same Yakimenko.

Consisting of school students of the senior classes and students, the movement "Our" used rather doubtful methods for achievement of the purposes. And it is natural – in the bulk persons yet not created and irresponsible were his members. Therefore there was nothing surprising in that persecution which they suited to opponents of the mode, and in that naive self-praise with use of "Photoshop" causing deserved sneers of their political opponents.

Activity of the movement consisted of various projects. In particular, it was engaged in preparation of administrative shots, tolerance education, preparation for army service, public legal work and so forth. Annually "ours" held the forum at which various sections worked at Seliger. It was financed the movement from the federal budget.

In April, 2012 the founder of the movement Vasily Yakimenko declared dissolution of "ours", but its activity, most likely, will be continued in a new look – as political party with other name.