How to surprise the girl on the first appointment

How to surprise the girl on the first appointment

Having a round sum of money at the order, you, most likely, will easily think up a way to hold a meeting unusually. But what to do if it is a little money? In that case, it is necessary to use all the imagination to surprise the girl and to bring the matter to the second appointment.

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Give romantic party on a skyscraper roof. It is necessary to choose, however, such place where there are sides, and also the exit to a roof is open. It actually, not really legal invention but that only you will not make for the sake of the girlfriend! In advance prepare fragrant coffee in a thermos, take couple of chocolate bars. If weather windy, take a plaid. It is also possible to bring small lamps or candles in the closed candlesticks.


If your girl or you are afraid of height, it is possible to choose ordinarier way to surprise her. Arrange picnic outdoors. In advance find out about the expected weather, prepare products. It is better not to prepare shish kebabs, it is too long process, it will spoil all romanticism. The facilitated romantic option – to roast slices of bread and sausage on sticks. Take also with yourself good wine, glasses, a cover, packages for garbage, a corkscrew. In a word, it is necessary to provide all possible that the outdoor recreation did not tire your companion.


The winter, however, has no to evenings in the wood. Therefore if your first appointment dropped out for December, January or February – use city options. It is possible to bring together darling on an outdoor ice rink. It, of course, will cost money, but at all not what you would spend for luxurious restaurant. Minus this way that, most likely, it is necessary to warn the girl about your decision, after all she can be dressed in an improper way. Take with yourself a thermos with something hot, in a special thermobag put hot pies – all this will help to win to you the maiden heart. It is possible to build also simply together a snowman in the winter, and then to come to get warm in any shopping center and to drink there coffee.


If you well are able to agree with people, and in a pocket still lie rubles 500, it is possible to arrange to the girl unforgettable driving in the empty trolleybus or the tram. Agree with the driver about that he drove you along a route without stops after the end of the movement of a route. And though the public transport is waited often in park, it, most likely, will not be able to refuse to you, especially, if you come not empty-handed. For the girl arrange everything so, as if you simply decided to drive by the tram to movie theater or cafe. With yourself take any snack and wine, after all she can get hungry. Such first appointment will be hardly forgotten.