How to make aluminum

How to make aluminum

Aluminum ceased to be considered as the most rare material and strongly entered our life, having become a necessity. Scopes of aluminum continue to extend. Creation of lungs, but, despite it, strong designs we are obliged to this material. Starting aluminum welding, the welder needs to get acquainted with his features and technology of welding.

It is required to you

- welding machine;
- a cylinder with gas;
- torch;
- gumboil;
- electrodes;
- solvent;
- water;
- liquid glass;
- trinatriyfosfat;
- the calcinated soda.

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Prepare details under welding. Profile edges and remove oxides. Degrease and eliminate superficial pollution, using organic solvents. White spirit, the RS-1, RS-2 solvent or technical acetone will approach. It is also possible to process a surface in an alkaline bathtub. For this purpose prepare solution where on 1l waters 30 g of liquid glass and on 50 g of a technical trinatriyfosfat and the calcinated soda are necessary.

Process a surface of 5 minutes at a temperature of 70 °C. Thus from details the old film of oxides containing the adsorbed moisture will be removed. Still the oxide film can be removed with a shabreniye then the edge needs to be degreased again solvent. After cleaning of a detail before welding it is possible to store 2–3 hours.

Before contact sutural and spot welding in addition smooth out nakhlestochny surfaces the metal rotating brushes. If thickness of the connected sheets is higher 0,3sm, remove the plated layer with deep etching that will prevent formation of neprovar. Carry out etching in a bathtub of water solution of sodium hydroxide (50 g on water liter) at a temperature of 70 °C within 1–2 minutes. Process end faces of details cutting, for example on the metal-cutting machine.

When welding alloys of aluminum melting it is expedient to carry out butt connections. To eliminate oxide inclusions in seams, apply linings with a flute in which they will be removed. At argonodugovy welding drawing will allow to reduce oxide inclusions by end faces of gumboils. Sutural and spot contact welding carries out nakhlestochny connections. The ratio of thickness of the welded details should not exceed 1:2. Butt connections are used for butt welding by an oplavleniye.

At gas welding it is recommended to apply a mix O2:C22 flame. Gumboil of AF-4A is put previously in the form of paste or entered with an additive bar when welding. For additive metal the welding aluminum wire which diameter depends on metal thickness is used.

For compound of aluminum arc welding in the environment of protective gases is widely used. As gas argon or mix of argon with helium is applied. Purity of argon has to be not less than 99,9%. If welding is carried out by the melting electrode, it is possible to use argon with addition O2, but it is no more than 5%.

Manual arc welding is carried out by the covered metal or coal electrode. Welding by a coal arch should be made on a direct current of direct polarity. At arc welding as metal electrodes solution of a dextrin or chloride sodium serves the binding in water. Process takes place on a direct current of the return polarity.

If thickness of butt connections is more than 0,4 cm, automatic arc welding on a gumboil layer is applied. It is made by the melting electrode. For food the direct current of the return polarity is necessary. Gumboil has to be with the lowered conductivity, for example, ceramic. He is involved on water solution of a karboksilmetiltsellyuloza, wiped through a sieve and calcinated within 6 hours at a temperature of 280-320 °C. Welding is carried out by the split electrode.