How to overestimate the main means

How to overestimate the main means

Fixed assets are assets of the enterprise which useful service is more than a year. Carry such property to them as buildings, constructions, transport and other. In accounting and tax accounting fixed assets reflect in account 01. As a rule, depreciation (wear) is monthly charged, by means of it the initial sum is gradually written off. Some organizations carry out revaluation of assets, that is specify recovery cost for the purpose of equating with the level of market prices.

It is required to you

- inventory cards of fixed assets;
- cards on accounts 01, 02;
- accounting policies of the organization.

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Carry out revaluation only of those means to which you have the property right, that is leased fixed assets cannot be overestimated. Carry out this procedure as of the beginning of financial year.

If you plan to overestimate fixed assets annually, register it in accounting policies of the organization. Remember that it is possible to reduce or increase cost only uniform assets.

Create the commission which will carry out this procedure. You as the head, have to be this part by all means. The obligatory person is also the chief accountant. Also record this information in accounting policies.

Before carrying out revaluation, make inventory, that is verify the actual existence of assets in the organization, and that is reflected in the account. For carrying out this procedure also appoint the inventory commission. Before it surely take the receipt from the responsible person that all documentation is handed over in accounts department.

After completion of inventory issue the order on carrying out revaluation of fixed assets where list structure of the commission, the name of the overestimated assets, the procedure period.

Then together with members of the commission perform inspection of assets, record their technical condition in the sheet which form is any. Specify the name of assets, accession numbers, dates of all operations reflecting the movement OS in this document. Also record the initial cost and the sum of depreciation charges. At the end put the sum received after revaluation.

After that transfer the sheet to accounts department which will make the corresponding records.

In case of revaluation:

- K83 D01, 84 (the initial cost of OS is increased);
- D83, 84 K02 (the sum of depreciation charges is reduced).

In case of a markdown:

- D84,83 K01 (the initial cost of OS is reduced);
- K83 D02, 84 (the sum of depreciation charges is increased).