How to open the card in bank

How to open the card in bank

Calculations by means of cash cards strongly became stronger in use of Russians. Payment of goods and services, transfer of a salary, management of the account on the Internet – here not the full list of opportunities provided by a plastic card. That to receive it, you will need to make a minimum of efforts.

It is required to you

- passport;
- international passport;
- certificate on assignment of an INN;
- policy of obligatory medical insurance;
- documents on the car in property;
- the certificate of the income in a form 2-NDFL;
- policy of voluntary medical insurance.

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For a start be defined, what card is necessary to you: credit, providing in your order of means of bank, or debit – for storage and use of your own money.

Choose payment system: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, STB, etc. Visa and MasterCard are the most popular: they are accepted around the world and have no basic distinctions. But consider that calculations for Visa system are made in US dollars therefore it is more favorable to use it in the USA, Australia, Canada and the countries of Latin America, and the MasterCard card to you will be necessary in Europe and Africa as are converted in euro. If you like to travel all over the world, for convenience open for your account of the card of both payment systems.

To issue a debit card, study offers of different banks: tariffs for production and service, use conditions, validity periods, possibility of charge of percent for balance on the account, etc. You can find summary information on the site

Having chosen bank which conditions meet your requirements, pass to its site and submit the online demand for production of the card: specify a type of the card, payment system, the surname, a name, a middle name, passport data, a residence, contact phones, a work place. You can also be to the branch of the bank personally, fill in the questionnaire demand and transfer it to the responsible expert. When the card is ready, the staff of bank will contact you, and you will be able to receive it, having shown the passport or other document proving the identity.

If you want to open a credit card, compare offers on crediting of different banks, having used summary Internet resources, for example, Having chosen suitable conditions, press the Issue the Card button. The system will redirect you on the site of bank where you will be able to fill in the demand and to study the list of necessary documents.

For the conclusion of the credit agreement you will need the passport, and also one of the following documents on a choice:
- international passport;
- certificate on assignment of an INN;
- policy of obligatory medical insurance.
If you submit to bank documents on the car in property, the certificate of the income in a form 2-NDFL or the policy of voluntary medical insurance, can count on more favorable conditions of registration of the credit.