How to draw up the statement of acceptance transfer

How to draw up the statement of acceptance transfer

The delivery-acceptance certificate makes out the fact of commission of legally significant action connected with transition of any goods, the equipment, documents, vehicles, etc. from one person to another. Usually this act is an integral part or the annex to any contract (purchase and sale, donation, etc.).

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From the moment of signing of this document the parties of legal relationship have rights and obligations for the relation to each other. Drawing up the delivery-acceptance certificate begin with designation of its name, for example, "The delivery-acceptance certificate of premises". The name is usually written in the middle of the first line, capital letters or bold print.

On the following line specify date of drawing up (at the left field of the sheet A 4) and a place – the settlement (at the right field).

In the text of the act it is important to note a subject or object which is transferred or accept also its main characteristics. For example, you can state the text of the act: "we, the undersigneds the lessor (full name) and the employer (full name) drew up the present statement that the lessor handed over, and the employer accepted the premises representing the apartment located at the address Samara, 2nd Klochkovsky Drive, 3, quarter 278. The room is equipped with system of automatic fire extinguishing. In the apartment there is a TV, the refrigerator, the washing machine. Technical condition of the room and the equipment is suitable for operation".

If you transfer (receive) the equipment, point its name, quantity, year of release, technical condition to date of transmission, a condition of packing. If the statement is drawn up upon a car reception-transmission, it has to contain data on model, brand, color of a body, registration number of the engine, the passport of the vehicle, etc. At registration of transfer of a package of documents – the name of each document in its structure, number of villages, number of copies, etc.

At the very end of the act deliver to the signature of the persons participating in reception transfer. Copies of the delivery-acceptance certificate has to be so much, how many and the main contract, that is at least two.

Here only the approximate version of the contents of the delivery-acceptance certificate is given, by its drawing up in a concrete situation you can adapt the given example at discretion.