How to darken a background

How to darken a background

In the photo the balance between a background and object of shooting is very important. At violation of balance the visual perception suffers and general impression from the photo spoils. Too light background creates disharmony and disseminates attention of the viewer. It is possible to darken a picture background by means of work of the powerful editor of graphics of Adobe Photoshop.

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Graphic Adobe Photoshop editor

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In the Adobe Photoshop editor open photos the file. For this purpose select the File items and the subparagraph of "Open" in the menu. For faster commission of this operation press on the Ctrl+O key keyboard at the same time.


Allocate parts of a background of the image which need to be darkened. Allocation can be imposed with use of a number of tools: Elliptical Marquee Tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool, Rectangular Marquee Tool, Lasso Tool, Magnetic Lasso Tool. All these tools are available to a choice at the main toolbar of the appendix. At what Rectangular allocates rectangular, and Elliptical - elliptic areas. It is convenient to use them for allocation of big sites of a background. Tools of Lasso Tool group allow to allocate areas of a difficult form. From this group the Magnetic tool allocates areas on borders of division of flowers. It is very convenient for creation of allocations round contrast objects.


Press the Alt or Shift keys for change of the existing allocated area. The Shift key allows to add again created allocation area to the already existing. The Alt key allows to remove the created area from already allocated.


Darken the allocated image background sites. For this purpose select the items "Image", "Adjustments", "Levels" in the menu. In the appeared dialogue under the image of the histogram there are three toddlers. Move the average slider to the right till the moment until the background becomes adequately dark.


Keep the received dark background together with all photo in the new file. For this purpose select in the menu the File item and the subparagraph "Save As...", or press a combination of the Shift+Ctrl+S keys. In the dialog box which opened on the screen, choose a format necessary to you, a name and a way of saving of the new file.