How to distinguish stirs of a fruit

How to distinguish stirs of a fruit

Future mummies think of the first pregnancy very much and look forward to its more obvious signs, than results of ultrasonography. In other words, both mothers, and fathers expect the first stirs and increase in a tummy. With growth of a stomach everything is clear, it difficultly not to notice, and here it is necessary to deal with stirs still.

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First of all, it is not necessary to force events. You still will manage to take pleasure in this phenomenon wholly. The first stirs of the woman usually start feeling on the 20th week, povtornorodyashchy – earlier, approximately on the 18th week. It is also worth noticing, as these data are very subjective as depend on a threshold of sensitivity of the woman. To full ladies fat prevents to feel stirs, but it only when the kid is not too strong and active.


At the beginning you still can mix stirs with usual gases in a stomach, after all have no idea that to expect. However a little later will not be able to confuse with anything these long-awaited feelings any more.


Stirs are similar to pushes from within. If to lay a hand to the right place, will feel an easy contact. Do not think that the child stays idle when you do not feel his activity. He swims all the time and somersaults in amniotic waters. Simply so far it has enough place, it not always hits placenta walls with such force that to you it was notable. Usually the greatest activity of pushes falls on time before going to bed and after meal. At some women, on the contrary, the kid is actively pushed, demanding I go when he is hungry.